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  • The art of computer programming. Is it worth the time investment?

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    A co-worker recently recommended that I read Knuth’s classic “The art of computer programming”. I have a lot of respect for this co-worker, but then I’ve heard some negative things about these books.
    From what I understand, much of the book revolves around an architecture called MIX. Most of the code in the book is in MIX assembly, and MIX is a purely hypothetical
    machine. I have no interest in ever programming in assembly, and I don’t really feel bad about that considering that the set of problems where assembly makes sense is very small.
    Is Knuth’s set still relevant? Is it still worth reading, or should I get some other, newer set of books which maintain the same degree of mathematical rigour without using an ancient hypothetical machine for examples?
    My purpose in reading this set would be to extend the range of problems I can solve with computers. I’ve heard people say it won’t make you a better programmer, but if it gives me new tools for use in problem solving, that aren’t as easily available from other sources then I want to read it. If you think its outdated, I humbly ask what books you think should replace it on my bookshelf.

    Any help will be apprecited.

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    Thank you.

Viendo 1 respuesta (de 1 en total)

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