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  • Windows 7 Permission Fix

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    Because it’s the most common problem with my current versions, I’ll just post it here.
    Relates to ACE, Zebra 2.5, Uhbik, MFM2 beta, Filterscape beta, and various alpha versions
    By default my installers will save their .dll files and resources (, etc.) into Vstplugins. Unfortuantely most people have their Vstplugins directory somewhere under C:\Program Files\ – which by default is write protected since Vista. The outcome is, neither of my plugins can properly save preferences, registration codes or presets. In some cases even crashes are possible.
    The data folders can however be moved elsewhere, e.g. into your Documents location which then is accessible. Here’s an explanation for Zebra, but it works similar for the other plugins aswell:
    in Windows Explorer, find the Vstplugins directory that contains Zebra2.dll. It should also contain a folder called “”
    move the entire folder into C:\Users\(you)\Documents\
    right-click in its new location, and create a shortcut (symbolic link)
    move the shortcut back into the Vstplugins directory that contains Zebra2.dll
    if the shortcut is called “ shortcut”, rename it “”
    This way Zebra follows the shortcut to look for its resources. Same for the other plugins.
    During the next months I’ll work on this a bit more, make the installer even more aware of the issue than it already is and make my stuff deal smoothly with it. Until then please follow the above steps, should you run into this issue.

    Please help

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    Thank you

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    • This topic was modified 1 año by  JesseVoss.
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